Monday, January 19, 2015

Post-Indulgence Comfort: Green Smoothie from leftovers

Wow - I've been having a great weekend. Nothing but rest, grocery shopping and exercise Saturday, then Sunday brunch with the fabulous book club ladies before having 10 or so people over for fondue. So how do I find comfort the morning after? First, I had some protein at breakfast, two eggs with some leftover Acme walnut levain bread a dear friend brought last night.

Next up is a late-morning green smoothie, mostly from leftovers.
Here's my Nutri-Bullet small cup: the bananas and apples that accompanied the chocolate fondue are a little brownish now, but they're all the sweeter. Underneath them is a big handful of whatever salad greens I had in the fridge and a cut up piece of celery from the hummus tray. On top are a Tbsp of almond butter, a little parsley and a slice of turmeric root. Filtered water to the max line, and it's good to go on the machine.

And here's the final product! Yes, it's green. You'll get used to it, or you can try the cool new red spinach at the market. The apple makes it sweet, and the banana makes it creamy enough that you don't mind all the greens. I like to add a touch of avocado for that, too, but I'm out.

Now I'm off to meet friends for an Oscar-nominated movie - gotta see at least a few before the annual Oscars party! Have a great day and thanks for reading.

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