Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Arancello Step Three: Bottling the Deliciousness

After two months, the Blood Orange Liqueur is ready! It's ready to bottle, and then to sip, pour over vanilla ice cream, or mix with sparkling wine or sparkling water. If you missed steps one and two, here is the link to those. 

Of course, before you start to bottle the liqueur, you need to find or buy some bottles that can be closed securely. If you go thrifting you might find a collection of lovely different bottles, and you can buy some synthetic corks to seal them if they don't have proper lids. I've been ordering swing-top bottles online from, which has a variety of sizes and shapes for much cheaper than the kitchen stores($5.99 each - no way!). The bottles pictured are 250 ml. 

Wash the bottles. You don't have to boil them like for canning because of the high alcohol content in the Arancello, but wash them in warm soapy water or rinse them with diluted distilled vinegar to make sure they're clean. 

Put on some nice background music or a mindless TV show - the process will take about 30-45 minutes. 

Lay out a kitchen towel to protect the table and keep things from sliding around. Set up
- the clean bottles
- the jar of Arancello
- some dampened coffee filters
- a long-handled ladle
- a small funnel

Place a dampened coffee filter in the funnel and the funnel in a bottle. 

Ladle the liqueur into the funnel and let it flow into the bottle. If it's filtering well, it should be a slow but steady stream like this. 

Fill a little higher than this, but not all the way up to the tippy top. Keep going until you've filled as many as you can. 

If it's going much faster than the stream above, there may be a hole in the filter, so just replace it when the liquid already in there has already flowed through. If it slows to a drip, either ladle more into the funnel or replace the filter with a new one. 

This batch filled about 11 and a half 250 ml bottles. 

Now I'm all set with hostess gifts for the next few months, plus a couple just for me. 

1) just with an ice cube
2) about an ounce with sparkling water
3) a filled bottle

If you try to make it, let me know how it turns out! Blood orange season is short, but you could try other kinds of oranges or lemons. Meyer lemons are amazing, if you can get them. 

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